RTS 3A - Plain Rear .146” Wide x .120" Deep - REAR SIGHT ONLY

RTS 3A - Plain Rear .146” Wide x .120" Deep - REAR SIGHT ONLY
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GRIP FORCE RTS 3 - Part # 78005 (Plain Rear (No Tritium), U Notch .146” Wide x .120” Deep)


Our .146" Wide U notch sights are compatible with any tritium sight that is .125" Wide, or any fiber optic sight that is .125", .115", or .105" Wide. Personal preference of the shooter will dictate which front sight width is chosen. Through the enhanced design of our angled rear sight face, combined with our .146" Wide U notch, we have experienced excellent Speed and Accuracy results with all three of those fiber optic front sight widths.  

We highly recommend the use of a Dawson Precision Fiber Optic front sight, either the .215" high for a 15 yard zero*, or .230" high for a 25 yard zero*. Dawson Precision are excellent quality sights, and they offer a wide variety of different height and width front sights.

*Point of aim/point of impact may vary due to weapon, caliber, ammunition, sight height, and sight radius. Not all pistols, shooters or ammunition impacts in the same place. Pistols vary, in that even two different versions of the same model may not shoot to the same point of impact.

Ammunition and the individual shooting add an additional variable to where a pistol could impact.

GRIP FORCE PRODUCTS recommends the following front sight heights:

.215" High front side for 15 yard POA/POI using 115 grain and 124 grain ammunition.

.230" High front sight for 25 yard POA/POI using 115 grain and 124 grain ammunition.

For those end users shooting 147 grain ammunition, a slightly higher front sight is recommended. Depending on weapon and ammunition, that height can be .225", .230", .235", .240", or .245" Tall. You will have to test your specific duty or match ammunition in order to find the proper front sight/rear sight combination for your desired zeroing distance.